Friday, 30 April 2010

Spot the Blockhead

Went to Komedia in Brighton last night to see The Blockheads, and nearly got run over on the way. A woman came along Regent Street too fast, approaching the junction with North Road and looking to the left for cars heading east, rather than to the right, for pedestrians heading west (ie, us). We were talking, she was looking the wrong way, trying to make a right without stopping at the junction. Result? Too close for comfort. She opened her window. We traded opinions. She pulled over. We continued our frank exchange of views on the pavement. After some tears (hers, not mine) we calmed down and agreed to take more care in the future. I’m sure a 20mph default speed limit would change the thinking and help to slow down this kind of driving in the middle of the city’s most pedestrian-thronged areas. And the other Blockheads? Badge It’s hard to say “The Blockheads” without the magical prefix “Ian Dury And.” Which has put me off buying a ticket for a long time (Ian died in 2000). But then we thought, such a great band, such excellent musicians, let’s give it a go. And we were glad we did. Ian may have gone, but the Blockheads can still cut the mustard. Derek the Draw, who used to help Ian on and off stage, now leads on vocals. He takes to the stage in front of Norman Watt-Roy, Chaz Jankel and the rest, drapes a Dury-esque white muffler around the mike, and the band steams into a tasty selection of old and new cuts. Shut your eyes and it could almost be “Ian Dury And.” Almost.

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