Wednesday, 20 November 2013

It’s my Jag and I’ll park where I want to…

….(to the tune of ‘It’s My Party’).
PB192608 19.xi.13 New Church Road
An egregious example of pavement parking, seen on New Church Road in Hove. For pedestrians, coping with the remains of a sadly fallen tree, a victim of the St Jude storm of late October is one thing. But for a driver to plonk a Jag on the pavement next to the remains of the tree is adding insult to injury. Would it make any difference if, instead of a Jag, it had been a BMW? Or a Mercedes? Or a Fiat Punto? Not really – except that some cars take up more space than others. Whatever kind of car it is, and whoever owns it, parking on the pavement shows a sense of entitlement which disregards the rights of the people for whom the pavement was originally put there – pedestrians and other non-motorised users.
PB192607 19.xi.13 New Church Road
As Living Streets says, “Pavements up and down the country are under threat from inconsiderate pavement parkers. We should all be able to walk on them without worrying about vehicles blocking our way.” Which is why, across the UK, we need local councils to introduce bans on pavement parking. Meantime, you can post photos of pavement parking here. You would cry too if it happened to you…

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