Thursday, 21 November 2013

A new bridge in Shoreham for pedestrians and cyclists

Just along the coast, but often overlooked by residents of Brighton and Hove, sits the town of Shoreham - where a new bridge now links Shoreham town with Shoreham Beach, a replacement for the ugly old footbridge which spanned the River Adur.
The new bridge is an attractive structure, particularly at night, when innovative lighting shines from the handrails. The bridge is a boon for people on foot and for people on bikes – no cars on this bridge! Bridges can play an important role in economic regeneration, and this one will no doubt be a boon for the locals, and a stimulus for businesses on both sides.
The bridge is part of a Sustrans cycle route but it isn’t a bridleway – locals apparently got upset when some horses crossed over and left their calling cards on the pristine new surface. Presumably, good news for local rose growers.
As the photos show, It’s a pretty bridge. But it’s not quite in the same category as this pedestrian bridge designed by NEXT architects and destined for China (the Changsha-Meixi lake crossing) pictured in the current edition of EG Magazine. Would a design like this have been a bridge too far for Shoreham?
china bridge
Photos: Mabeybridge Ltd, EGmagazine, NEXT architects, Adur & Worthing Council

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