Thursday, 29 December 2011

Plaster Caster and Seafood Pasta

29.12.11 P1090302 Brighton and Hove has more than its fair share of characters, whom you’re more likely to encounter if you’re outside the box: in the street on your feet. Which was how I bumped into Jamie McCartney outside Marrocco’s on Hove seafront. In between waxing lyrical about the seafood pasta, Jamie was being filmed by Swiss tv. Jamie’s vehicle of choice is a glittery pink Trabbant, a people’s car from the dying days of the eastern bloc. Jamie makes casts from human bodies – for aesthetic rather than medical reasons – and then turns them into personalised works of art. 29.12.11 P1090303 It seems that there are few body parts that have escaped Jamie’s plastering and casting, as you can see from his website. Jamie is a self-described “sculptor, alchemist, rascal,” and when I told him I might post something about him on my blog about being carfree in Brighton, he took a look at his Trabbi and said, “Like me, then.” Which sealed the deal. He said his next project is going to be photographic. Without using a camera. Sounds interesting….

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