Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cats, Pigeons and Pavement Parking (again)

Here’s my response to the letters in the Argus about pavement parking in Elm Grove, Brighton:
“Stephen Requena takes issue with my letter of 13 October about pavement parking in Elm Grove. He is right to say that, outside London, it is not against the law to park on the pavement – that’s why I was careful not to describe pavement parking as illegal. But the fact that something is not illegal does not mean that it is desirable. For example, it is not illegal to drink excessively, to elbow your way to the front of a queue, or to blow smoke in other people's faces - but all these behaviours are undesirable and inconsiderate. When undesirable behaviour persists, clear rules and sanctions are likely to be needed. This is what happened with pavement parking in London, which is why Living Streets is calling for a similar approach to be adopted in the rest of the country.”

1 comment:

  1. You saying that something is undesirable doesn't make it so. Where's the evidence?

    Simply disliking cars is not an argument.