Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quote of the Week

“You don’t buy a cow when you want a pint of milk.”
Who said it? Me actually, referring to car ownership versus car hire when I was talking on the radio last week. I said it during a live piece on LBC’s evening radio phone-in with Iain Dale. I got my 12½ minutes of London phone-in fame in a conversation with Ian that went from the rational to the surreal. Here’s a sample:
Ian: “If you don’t have a car, how would you do what I have to do tomorrow: go to Sky Studios in Osterley in the morning and pick up a puppy in Bedford in the afternoon?”
Me: “I probably wouldn’t be going to Sky Studios, but if I did, I’d do what I’m actually doing this weekend – I’d hire a car.” (It’s parked at the kerb outside my place right now).
The conversation then took a surreal turn, centring on the likelihood and consequences of the puppy disgracing itself in a hire car vs your own car. (One of the more bizarre reasons I’ve encountered for owning a car).
In fact, I might use public transport – train and tube to Osterley and then train to Bedford. A puppy will fit into a pet carrier – some friends collected the ducks for their pond in a cat box which they took on the train (presumably, making sure the cat was out of the box first). Which just shows that being carfree occasionally means you need to get your ducks in a row. Boom boom.

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