Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Things You Don’t See From A Car: The Cassette Lord and his Cassette Cat

One of the endearing quirks of Brighton life is the way that utility boxes have been adopted by street artists. P1050220 1 One such is the Cassette Lord, whose chosen medium for his retro, cassette-based stencils, is the broadband street cabinets used by Virgin Media. P1050223 2  Irony or what? Essential infrastructure for high speed multimedia digital broadband emblazoned with a throwback to hissy analogue tape cassettes. Although you might spot the Cassette Lord’s work from a car, you wouldn’t P1050221 3 notice that he has been joined by a feline companion, the Cassette Cat (check out the eyes). This one is outside the old Argus building in the North Laine (note, the North Laine:  singular, not plural).P1050222 4

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