Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Proust on Hove beach

Ross and Tony sell great seafood from Hove beach, where the cars don’t go. Ross The fish is very local, incredibly fresh, and fantastic value. At the weekend, another customer was enthusing about the scallops, and wistfully remembering his first taste of scallops, cooked in white wine, many years ago. Fresh Fish P1040715 Says I, “that sounds like a Proustian moment.” Says he, “Yes it was. Actually, I never got round to it before, but I’m reading Proust now.” At which he paid for his scallops and headed home, possibly to read a few more chapters before he started the cooking.

Proust image

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  1. Not the first person to be thinking about Proust as they walked along Hove seafront. . . The first biography in English, and still the best in any language, was written by Hove resident George D. Painter who lived in Mansfield Road. Incidentally, no bus as yet is named after him. Surely he's right up there with Dusty Springfield and Max Miller.