Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Box Clever

Why have the hassle of going out shopping, when you can get the shopping to come to you? And you don’t have to touch a keyboard or a phone, or be a member of the Royal Family. The easiest way to get your five portions a day, and cut out the hassle of having to shop for it, is with a veggie box. People say, “if it’s organic, it must be expensive.” You’re joking: this week our box from Barcombe Nurseries P1020267 res included: about a pound of baby carrots, a bunch of chives, two giant field mushrooms, a head of celery, a bunch of baby leeks, a cabbage, a bunch of chard, a bag of salad leaves, around a kilo of potatoes, three onions, two courgettes and a cauliflower. And a recipe. All organic. All fresh. Nearly all grown at Barcombe near Lewes - or pretty local if not actually from Barcombe. Delivered to our door by the friendly Nick. For £15. Why on earth would you bother with a supermarket?

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