Thursday, 22 June 2017

Yes, Mr Mayor

The Mayor of London has just published his Transport Strategy: Draft for Public Consultation. It’s a document from which any town or city in the UK, and many further afield, could draw lessons. 

As an example, here’s an extract from the Mayor’s Foreword where I have removed the word ‘London’, so that you can substitute the name of your own town or city where the following appears ******. Remove the word "tube" to make it even more applicable.

“Car dependency has contributed to an increase in poor public health across our city. Streets can often be polluted, congested and dangerous – unwelcoming places to walk or cycle. Tube, rail and bus services can be overcrowded and sometimes unreliable and indirect, meaning there is no appealing alternative to car use for many. And some parts of ****** have been planned around car use for so long that there are no decent alternatives.

To begin to resolve these problems, ****** must become a city where walking, cycling and green public transport become the most appealing and practical choices for many more journeys. These active and sustainable transport choices not only support the health and wellbeing of ******ers, but also the city as a whole by reducing congestion and providing the most efficient use of valuable street space.”

Use the link above to get to a summary report, or download the whole thing.

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