Tuesday, 19 January 2016

RIP David Bowie: Rock’s Only Genius

I’d always thought that if David Bowie had a spiritual home town in the UK it would be Brighton. He only played here twice, both times during the hectic Ziggy Stardust period – he landed at Brighton Dome on 14th February 1972 and 23rd May 1973. Brighton is the place in the UK that seems to be about the closest you’ll get to what Bowie stood for – fluidity, tolerance, eclecticism, quirkiness, hedonism, iconoclasm. So I’ve been surprised by the apparent lack of visible reaction to his death. Maybe it’s the youth of the population? Maybe you had to have been there - the 70s – to really get what he meant. Maybe we take it all for granted nowadays. Anyhow, here’s the only tribute I have spotted, in a bookshop window in the North Laine. And here’s a (not very good) photo I took at the Station to Station gig at Wembley. Post-Ziggy, but equally memorable. David Bowie: Brixton, 8.1.1947 to New York, 10.1.2016. The Thin White Duke has gone but he will not be forgotten. 

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