Friday, 19 December 2014

Good news for carfree choosers - in London, Manchester, Liverpool…and Brighton

The Campaign for Better Transport has produced its report on the best places in the UK to be carfree. The Car Dependency Scorecard 2014 shows that London, Manchester, Liverpool…and Brighton are the most carfree friendly cities in the UK. Tough luck if you live in Peterborough, Colchester or Milton Keynes, designated as the hardest places in England to live if you don't have access to a car.

This is important because, to quote the CfBT,

“the way people travel is affected by what councils and the Government do, and if it’s made easier to use public transport and to walk and cycle, at least some people now stuck in their cars will change. If action isn’t taken, people become car dependent – those with cars use them more, because they feel they have no choice, and those without cars get isolated and excluded.”

CBT 2014 rankings

Picture shows city-by-city rankings. Full report here.

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