Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Google’s disruptive driver-less cars

It’s easy to laugh at the two seater Google-mobile, which goes at 25 mph, has a cartoonish cutesyness and lacks a steering wheel. So I was going to write about how, despite appearances, this disruptive intervention by Google could potentially change everything in the sphere of transport - from public to personal.


And then I saw this article in the Telegraph by Matt Warman, a person who likes cars and driving. According to Warman, “Our lives are ruled by cars even if we don’t drive….and Google will end that era.” So, I’ll let him comment. And if you doubt whether it will happen, just remember, that while Google is now a large (and growing) part of the digital furniture, twenty years ago it did not exist - and a Googol was a number meaning 10^100.

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