Friday, 21 March 2014

Lewes Road for Clean Air + Bike Train: Annual General Meeting

Not only is Lewes Road for Clean Air + Bike Train approaching its fifth anniversary, it’s also getting to be time for the AGM, which will be at 7pm on Thursday 3rd April at the Circus Street Bike Hub, Brighton BN2 9QF.

All are welcome to join in with LRfCA+BT and celebrate:
  • 1,000+ bike train rides
  • highlighting air pollution and the need for a more sustainable approach to transport along the Lewes Road
  • contributing to the redesign of the City Council's major £1.5m Lewes Road infrastructure improvements
  • helping deliver a shift away from car dependency (-13%) toward more journeys by bus (+7%) & by bike (nearly doubling in 5 yrs)
As LRfCA+BT rightly say, it has been a year which has seen “the biggest positive transformation of the Lewes Road in over a generation.” And some may recall the explosions of outrage from motorists when the scheme was unveiled - are they now watching? The traffic flows smoothly along the Lewes Road,  cyclists are safer, and buses go about their business. All are welcome at the AGM, and there will be refreshments.

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