Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Round-up: schemes to make Brighton and Hove more walk-able, cycle-able, and bus-able

This week’s meeting of the Brighton and Hove Transport Partnership included a round-up covering some of the many schemes currently under way aimed at making life better for people who use their feet, a bike, or a taxi, a bus or a train to get around this city. Here’s a brief guide (not exhaustive) with links to the latest information on each scheme, many of which have been funded by grants won from central government:

20mph city


Extension of 20mph speed limit.


Seven Dials

Nearly finished:

Lewes Road – except for the Vogue Gyratory (on which, see below).

Just started:

Edward Street and Eastern Road – better for people on buses, on bikes and on foot.
Brighton Station Gateway - better for people on trains, on buses, on bikes and on foot.

Starting soon:

Vogue Gyratory – the Gordian knot of the Lewes Road scheme, currently avoided by people on foot or on bikes.
Old Town

Consultation under way:

London Road

Design work nearly completed, start date depends on external funding:

Valley Gardens – from the Old Steine to St. Peter’s Church.

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  1. This should be done in more cities and towns! its so nice to just walk or cycle anywhere, look at a resident who still enjoys the carefree life