Monday, 9 December 2013

Carfree: Tim Lott

A couple of weekends back the Guardian Family section was devoted to The Family Car – “our second home”!

It was good to see the alternative – the non-car family – in a front page piece by Tim Lott. Here’s an extract from his article.


“Last year we sold the family car. It has been an enormous improvement in our quality of life. No parking tickets, no traffic jams. No children vomiting at 70mph. No tussles with my wife about whether to take the motorway or the scenic route, no rows about whether the windows should be open or closed, the air conditioning on or off, the heater high or low… rid ourselves of this most visible and expensive of consumer durables has been surprisingly easy, and remarkably pleasant. We travel on buses and trains and bicycles for the most part, and it is altogether safer, more enjoyable and considerably cheaper.”

(My bold).

Photo: The Advertising Archive (or should that be ‘Carchive’?)

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