Tuesday, 17 December 2013

20mph in Brighton and Hove: it ain’t over yet

As per previous blogs, Brighton and Hove will be getting a whole lot more roads where 20mph is the speed limit - great news for pedestrians and cyclists, and should help with the move towards living streets. But interventions by Labour and Conservative councillors mean that some roads have been wrongly excluded: Preston Drove and Stanford Avenue lost out due to a proposal by Labour images 20mph signCouncillor Gill Mitchell, supported by other Labour and Conservative councillors, to exclude the roads on the basis that they were "key bus and taxi routes and a majority of residents in both roads having voted against these roads being included within the 20mph scheme." These roads are NOT key routes for buses (which only use sections of the roads or are infrequently scheduled), and the residents’ response rate was only around 20% almost evenly split, for and against. You can sign the petition to save lives and restore some balance to these roads. Remember, it only needs 1,250 signatures to trigger a full council debate.

Further amendments by Conservative Councillor Geoffrey Theobald and the Labour Group had Surrenden Road, Braybon Avenue and an area west of Ditchling Road denied 20 mph speed limits despite overwhelming road safety evidence to support speed reduction, and a community road safety campaign. Also, due to amendments, Portland Road has to await further monitoring.

Thanks to Tony Green and Becky Reynolds from Bricycles for the above links and info www.facebook.com/Bricycles

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