Monday, 14 October 2013

A Thought Experiment on 20mph

Imagine that urban speed limits throughout the UK are 20mph, and have been for years. They work well, and we are used to them. A new Transport Minister has just been appointed, and makes a speech with this statement:

“The average urban journey in the UK is taking around 40 seconds more than it would do if the speed limit was 30mph. So we propose to increase urban speed limits by nearly 50%, to 30mph. Of course, we realise that this means that fewer people will walk or cycle, so there is likely to be more obesity in years to come; as a consequence, there are likely to be more cars on the road, meaning more congestion; cities will become more congested and dangerous. We also recognize that more people, especially children and old people, will die or be seriously injured in car crashes.”

How long would the Minister stay in the job?

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