Thursday, 3 October 2013

20mph: Plenty for Brighton and Hove - but it’s 10mph too fast for Hove’s celebrities

Hove celebs 10mph Those of us who’d like to see slower traffic so as to Unchain the Brighton Pedestrian and Cyclist are looking forward to the extension of 20mph speed limits. But for a select group of Hove citizens, 20mph is 10 mph too much. The glitterati who live on Hove’s Western Esplanade have put up a sign designating a speed limit of 10mph. Presumably, as it’s a private road, they can choose any speed limit they like – unlike everyone else. If 10mph is enough for Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, Zoe Ball, David Walliams, Laura Stone, and Adele, surely 20’s Plenty for the rest of us?

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