Monday, 23 September 2013

“The Fight for Car Friendly City”

You know what it’s like. You go away on holiday. You come back. Refreshed, re-invigorated. And then reality bites. Or in this case, unreality. As in the most absurd front page that has graced our local Argus newspaper in recent memory (as shown). “The Fight”….to turn Brighton and Hove into a “Car Friendly City”? Which planet is the Argus on? While the rest of Europe, including cities throughout the UK, are ditching car-friendly in favour of people-friendly, our local rag seems to think that what’s needed for our lovely city, already choked by traffic, is more cars. Long on bar-room opinion, short on evidence. Not to mention sanity. And soooo 1970’s. Welcome to Planet Argus.

23.9.13 Argus The Fight BUmYSM3CIAAQ5uR

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