Thursday, 22 August 2013

Living Streets call out for pedestrian crossings

22.8.13 Living Streets

Living Streets is developing a pedestrian crossings campaign, and is looking to illustrate the campaign with case studies relating to people who find it difficult to cross the road in time on crossings with signals – e.g. puffin or pelican crossings. There’s a short blog post to explain more here.

The aim of the campaign is safer, more convenient crossings for all:
  • Lollipop people’s jobs should be safeguarded to help children walk to school
  • The time given at crossing points should allow everyone to cross the street safely
  • Everyone should be able to cross the road quickly, without unnecessary waiting time
  • Local authorities should have a good maintenance programme in place to make sure all crossings are in tip top condition
  • Local people should be involved in decisions about new crossings

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