Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hove to Glasgow – the train takes the strain

20.8.13 P8161896 com A trip to Glasgow last week to deliver a workshop on social marketing and behavioural economics to local council and public sector infocomms people from across Scotland. From here to there by car, according to Google maps we’re talking 460 odd miles, that’s 8 hours by road from Hove to Glasgow non-stop (not allowing for rest, refuelling or parking – say another 2 hours on top). At least £80 in petrol. Plus a knackering drive. Each way. Alternatively, fly: get to the airport. Queue. Get processed. Queue some more. Fly. Queue again. Then get from the airport to the city. Probably about 90 minutes quicker overall door to door than taking the train, but so many interruptions, so much hassle. And not usually as cheap as people think, what with all the extra costs.
20.8.13 P8161846 com

Alternatively, go by train. Six and a half hours door to door, including crossing London from Victoria to Euston - taxi/train/tube/train/walk to hotel. With an advance ticket and a railcard, that cost £44 each outbound, £22 (yes £22) each to return. A train from Euston to Glasgow in four and a half hours, arriving dead on time in the centre of the city. Time to think, write, eat, drink….or stare at the beautiful countryside mesmerically rushing past at 125 mph+.

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