Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brighton Old Town Public Inquiry

blog old town photo bhcc 10am, Wednesday 17th July (et sub), The Ambassador Suite, Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel: a diary date for anyone interested in the environment in Brighton's Old Town, being the time and place of the public inquiry into the Council's proposals to reduce the domination of motorised traffic in this historic area of the city. Because there had been some objections to the Council’s proposals, and because anyone with an interest is entitled to speak at the inquiry, I decided to go along and speak in support of the scheme, which will benefit pedestrians (and other vulnerable road users), and is long overdue.

Although I'm not sure it would get top place on a bucket list of things to do before you die, a public inquiry has to count as a healthy part of a functioning democracy, what with objectors (mainly Brighton and Hove Streamline taxis, plus residents of Clarendon Mansions) and supporters (including Child Friendly Brighton and the Terre A Terre restaurant and other businesses) being given the chance to air their concerns. The inquiry follows a quasi-judicial process: on hand to represent Brighton and Hove City Council were a barrister, a council solicitor and the Project Manager of the Old Town scheme. Pro’s and anti’s all get a chance to have a say, and the opportunity to cross-examine each other. Here's a link to the materials I spoke to, wearing a Brighton and Hove Living Streets hat. The inquiry is scheduled to end on Friday, after which all bets are off until Mr Ian Jenkins, the chartered surveyor running the enquiry, goes off and reflects on the various submissions and, in due course, comes to a decision. (Image: BHCC).

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