Monday, 24 June 2013

What a load of rubbish

It looks as if the week long strike by refuse workers in Brighton and Hove which ended on Friday will be the end of the matter, since the union is saying that the dispute has been being resolved with a series of new offers. Three cheers for that. It wasn't just the inconvenience of not having your bins emptied or your recycling removed. But the distressing sight of our fair city being submerged under a rising tide of rubbish, with overflowing street bins and black sacks piled up around communal bins – frequently ripped open by seagulls and vermin.

It was upsetting to see Brighton and Hove under a layer of trash, which highlighted the fact that keeping the public realm spick and span is an ongoing commitment: place-making is about a lot more than building.

And seeing all that trash on the streets was a reminder of the following essential truth: Don't throw it away. There is no 'away.'

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