Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Make Sundays Special: Bristol follows Bordeaux and Bogota with Carfree Sundays

George Ferguson Mayor of Bristol comp

George Ferguson, the elected Mayor of Bristol (pictured above, from his blog) has announced that Bristol is to go carfree for one Sunday a month starting on June 23rd. According to this report of a speech given to the Bishopston Society in March 2013, Mayor George Ferguson “had been particularly impressed by what the cities of Bordeaux and Bogota had achieved in rescuing their historic centres from traffic. This would then allow and encourage the use of streets for community activities such as markets, street ‘circus’ and street basketball. He believed in an ‘incremental approach to making things happen’ but with the option of subsequently adopting and applying successful small scale changes on a larger scale.” Amen to that, and roll on carfree Sundays (and more) in Brighton and Hove.

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