Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Joke of the Week

P6290353 SY com
Fishmonger at Shoreham Farmer's Market. “What’s the best thing to put on a Tesco burger? £5 each way.” 

More jokes here about horse burgers. Not to mention lasagne. Or spaghetti bolognese. And who knows what else. Is it funny? Not really. But it’s easier to laugh than think about what’s going on - a consequence of globalised supply chains, the commoditisation of food production and constant downward pressure on prices driven by economies of scale. You don’t have to drive to a supermarket to do your shopping. You don’t have to go to a supermarket at all. And you don’t have to eat ready meals. If you did before, why would you now? (Photo: horse butcher’s shop, Venice)

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