Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Walking Into 2013

Hove Prom P1010171 com People want to walk, and will do so if the conditions are right. The photo shows Hove seafront on New Year’s Day – thronged with people who are walking because there’s great winter sunshine, splendid buildings to the north, and the ever-changing sea to the south…. And no motor traffic within earshot, sniffing distance or collision range. If your New Year’s Resolutions (see yesterday) don’t include “Walk More in 2013”, they really ought to. And the same goes for our town planners and other government officials, whether appointed or elected – all of whom should be doing whatever they can to support walking. And here’s a great article in The Guardian by Lynsey Hanley about why walking is empowering and how it engages us in the real localism agenda……champagne optional.
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