Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Slawek Staszczuk, The Carfree Sussex Photographer

Kingston Ridge nr Lewes 533551_304250513014635_393318851_n
Slawek gave a talk at the Brighton and Hove Camera Club, showing a packed audience his evocative photos of, among other places, the Sussex Downs. He revealed that his photos, which manage to capture the essence of the Downs, are captured by careful use of the right lens, selected filters, meticulous composition, choice of viewpoint and luck with the weather. Impressively, Slawek mentioned that he got his pictures without being a car owner. When a (slightly incredulous) member of the audience asked how he got around, Slawek replied “bus, train and sometimes, a lift from friends.” Slawek is a man of several websites - to find out just what a carfree photographer with Slawek’s skills can do, have a look here and here and here. (photo taken near Kingston, Lewes, copyright Slawek Staszczuk).

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