Monday, 22 October 2012

Short Cuts: Stuff About Cars in Books About Other Things

hidden wealth photo David Halpern is the Head of the Behavioural Insight Team at 10 Downing Street, the team which is using behavioural economics (Nudges etc) to improve policy. The following quote appears on page 224 in his book, The Hidden Wealth of Nations

“For the most part we are very big on personal responsibility for other people and when things are going well for ourselves. But when things go badly in our lives, regardless of cause, we go off the idea of personal responsibility pretty fast. Unfortunately for policymakers, we hold both these positions quite strongly and at the same time. When we drive too fast or aggressively in heavy traffic, it is because we are in a hurry to sort out an important matter. But when other people drive too fast it is because they are idiots and ought to be fined.”

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