Friday, 5 October 2012

PIP (Portsmouth International Port) Revisited

portsmouth photo com Following the previous post about our foot passenger experience at Portsmouth I have received a comprehensive explanation (for which many thanks) from Paul Naish, PIP’s Operations Manager. Mr Naish sent cctv pictures of the bus, explaining that the bus schedule is to accommodate the arrival of ferries. On the day we travelled the inbound Brittany Ferries vessels were late berthing, so the bus waited for these passengers, running 19 minutes and 22 minutes late. As Mr Naish observes, the bus probably arrived soon after we'd taken a taxi! Mr Naish also notes that inward passengers would be frustrated if the shuttle bus had kept to its published schedule and not waited for their late arrival - and the time table points out that times are approximate, so as to adapt to the arrival times of ferries. Fair enough, but not much help if you’re waiting for a seemingly non-arriving bus at a non-existent bus stop. On which, apparently, the bus stop sign which was put up at the beginning of the season was vandalised mid season and not replaced: the PIP people will “look into improvements for next year.”  Foot passengers will be keeping an eye out for it...

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