Monday, 20 August 2012

Carfree Country Walks

YWW photo com Sometimes, people say things like “how do you go for a walk in the country if you don’t own a car?” The answer of course, is by getting on a train or a bus – they go to all sorts of places, it’s often just a question of being bothered to find out where. And one joy of walking without a car is that you don’t have to go round in a circle, starting from a car park and then walking back to it. On longer walks a long way from home, like the Yorkshire Wolds Way, you put your stuff in a rucksack and stay overnight in bed and breakfasts. Easy. P7265123 YWW sign


  1. We couldn't agree with you more! Which is why we created our website - hope you'll take a look . . .

    1. I took a look and liked it - you're now on the Blog Roll!