Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mapping Bunny Munro: Nick Cave and Fictional (?) Brighton and Hove

Bunny Munro Bunny Munro owns a car. He needs it for his job – sort of. It is a yellow Fiat Punto. He drives it around Brighton and Hove, where he is a travelling salesman. Bunny might not sell much, but he gets plenty of sex and drugs, a bit of rock and roll…and a lot more besides. Bunny’s author Nick Cave should know his locations – he lives here. I nearly crashed into him (on foot) on the pavement not far from his place on Hove seafront, just round the corner from Dave Gilmour’s gaff. Nick used Brighton and Hove, and points east and west, for his book “The Death of Bunny Munro”. Now MockDuck has done a public service by Googlemapping the book’s locations. One possible addition to her map: the Dudman depot on the coast road between Hove and Shoreham: it’s home to those big concrete mixer trucks seen on the roads around here, and which loom large in the book. Enough said.

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