Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Car Park Or Bike Lane?

blog car P5093863 There are several possible explanations for the above picture (no Photoshopping), seen on Brighton’s Lewes Road:
1. Even though it has two more wheels than a bike, plus an engine, and is enclosed in metal, it’s only a small car. So it’s pretty much a bike.
2. As Brighton’s has so many weird bike lanes why not be even more weird – park a car on one.
3. Putting a car on the pavement is consistent with Brighton and Hove City Council’s policy of carving out part of the pavement for bike lanes. Since a car also has wheels, what’s the difference?
4. When a driver needs somewhere convenient to park, and the chances of getting a ticket are practically zero, why not use a handy bike lane?
Perhaps there are other explanations? Feel free…..

1 comment:

  1. Its an offense as in the bike parking area parking of the car is an offense there should be measures should be taken in such type of situation.