Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Being a driver means being inside the box, which means you get to choose your own soundscape. On public transport there are fewer choices: you can cut yourself off with an MP3, or you can be immersed in the sounds of other people. Sometimes this is bad, as per the Racist Woman on Tram, ranting on the Croydon Tramlink, captured on someone’s phone, and then posted on Youtube (the woman is now Helping the Police with Their Enquiries). Less virulent, but also annoying is “sodcasting" - some stroppy teenager with a phone playing a tinny version of a song you don't like. But sometimes it can be very entertaining, you just never know. Here’s an exchange overheard on a recent bus ride, featuring an alarmingly cheerful (drunk?) Scotsman, and a bemused Spanish language student (he said he was from Barcelona. Where have I heard that before?):
Scotsman: “Do you know the difference between an elephant and a loaf of bread.”
Boy from Barcelona: “No.”
Scotsman, to everyone else on bus: "Whatever you do, don't send him to do the shopping."
Boom boom.

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