Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Short Cuts: Stuff About Cars in Books About Other Things

“24th December. The house is filling up. Giles, Fred’s second child, and his wife Nicola arrived this afternoon, with their infant son Basil, aged nine months, having driven up this afternoon from Herefordshire in their black BMW 4x4, a huge high vehicle recently acquired in exchange for a Porsche to provide protection for their precious offspring. It has almost opaque tinted windows to foil potential kidnappers, and a sticker on the rear window “Baby on Board,” appealing to the consciences of drivers who might be intent on ramming them from behind.”

From “Deaf Sentence” by David Lodge (p181)

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  1. Very sensible car almost zero emissions ,comfortable on long journeys ,very very safe especially when you have a small child ,also very good for transporting the families bikes on the back.they seem like a nice caring successful family.