Monday, 28 November 2011

20’s Plenty for Brighton and Hove

images 20mph sign Rod King from 20’s Plenty gave a talk at last week’s meeting of Brighton and Hove Strategic Transport Partnership on the rationale for, and results of, a 20mph default speed limit in urban areas. It’s the nearest thing to a low cost silver bullet for encouraging modal shift, which in turn will cut road deaths and injuries, begin to tackle obesity as more people walk and cycle, reduce harmful pollution, and make Britain’s urban areas nicer places to live in, work in, and visit. It’s commonplace in the rest of Europe (30kph), and now seems to be taking off in the UK, where the 20mph limit will be in place in areas where about 7million people live. image Brighton and Hove has taken the first steps towards extending 20mph speed limits, hopefully the prelude to a 20mph default across the city. Click here for a link to arguments and research that Rod used in his presentation.

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