Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Tale of Two Towns: Cars in King’s Lynn and Bude

We’ve recently been Outside The Box in King’s Lynn in Norfolk, and Bude in Cornwall: two waterside towns that have benefitted from significant investment in place, and all the better for it.  2 P1080581 Bude res But cars have been treated very differently in each town. Along the Bude Canal, the quayside refurbers have bitten the bullet and removed the cars. In King’s Lynn, the refurb. has turned the quayside into a carpark. b KL 2 P1080505 No prizes for guessing which is best for ambling pedestrians, for chance encounters, for drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. And in King’s Lynn the desecration continues inland, where the splendid and historic Tuesday Market Place is normally just a great big car park. a KL P1080510 It’s hard to imagine that a civic asset like this would be used as a car park in any European town with a sense of pride and place: as the pictures show, if you really want to spoil the look of a place, nothing beats a load of parked cars.

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