Thursday, 30 June 2011

Walking On Water - Brighton Pier Is For Sale

Even the most devout pedestrians don't often get to walk on water, but Victorian engineering smarts gave us the chance with magnificent iron piers in many British seaside resorts. Now one of the most iconic (dread word, but justified) is up for sale. Brighton Pier, still known to locals by it's original moniker of Palace Pier, has been put on the market by owners Noble Group. "Strong interest" is reported from potential buyers for the pier, which played a starring role in the book and the film Brighton Rock, and featured in a couple of Carry On films. An economist might say that, though formerly part of Brighton's pier duopoly, the Palace Pier has been a monopoly supplier of pier-based services since the demise of the Grade I-listed West Pier - reduced to a marooned island of twisted ironwork after being battered by storms and fires. Whoever buys the pier (assuming that this isn't some kind of publicity stunt), here's hoping that pedestrians are able to carry on walking on water.

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