Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Low Carbon, High Impact Way to Get Your PC Fixed

For a Windows user, there’s only one thing worse than the BlueScreen of Death. And that’s the BlackScreen of Death, accompanied by a series of annoying beeps when you try to re-boot. When this happened to me, a bit of Googling revealed a local tech guy who could come and take a look at the ailing machine. Generally, I like to use service providers who are local, independent and, where possible, low carbon. So when Hove-based pchelpman rocked up on his bike and fixed my pc, I was well impressed: goodbye BIOS beeps, goodbye Black Screen of Death, hello working pc. “Geeks on Wheels” is already spoken for, but Stephen the pchelpman seemed happy with “Geek on A Bike” or maybe “Geek on Two Wheels”? You can find him at www.pchelpman.co.uk


  1. I've had the "blue screen of death" and most recently the "screen getting eaten by bugs" (an unpleasant virus), but never the "black screen of death". A good tech guy is like a good mechanic, hold on to him. Maybe keep him in the basement for emergencies.

    The Tuckerbag

  2. My tech guy also cycles everywhere - it's definitely the way to do it in Brighton and Hove. He's a great tech guy - his site is www.brightonpc.co.uk - maybe you know him?

    1. Sorry, I guess I didn't link it properly for you www.brightonpc.co.uk