Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bliss and Buses

“I don’t do buses, darling” reads this advert for 1 P1070006 res Cadbury’s Bliss chocolate, seen on the side of a bus shelter: illiterate, stupid and insulting. In a city like Brighton and Hove, buses are used by a high percentage of the city’s population because they are good way to get around. And I’d bet a lot of us bus users eat chocolate, too. But we’ll be making sure it isn’t Cadbury’s Bliss. It’s a mystery how ad agencies come up with this stuff. I recall the equally stupid ads for Stella beer with the strapline “Reassuringly Expensive.” 2 P1070008 res Anyone who’d been to Belgium (where Stella came from) or pretty much anywhere else in Europe where it was on sale could see that Stella was just another lager, usually available at a similar price to every other lager. Only in the UK did the ad agency think it could get away with turning Stella into an aspirational drink based on price. You’d think Cadbury’s might be a bit more canny. Or maybe it’s because it’s now part of US multinational Kraft. Time for a boycott? Bus Users Against Cadbury’s Bliss.

1 comment:

  1. I ride buses, and I love Chocolate. So if any Cadbury Bliss comes my way, its in and around. Why should I let myself and the chocolate bar suffer separation because of bad behavior of his handlers?