Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Outside The Box in Ireland: Carfree in Cork

A side trip to Cork from Dublin, on a comfortable, clean and quick train with advance tickets for €20 – good 1 P1060775 blog hands value for a journey of just under 3 hours. Cork is Ireland’s second city, with 130,000 people. It felt a lot bigger because of the volume of traffic – as in Dublin, some 2 P1060774 street blog streets have been made more pedestrian-friendly, but at many junctions there were interminable waits at signalled crossings, often resulting in frustrated pedestrians taking their chances with the racing traffic. Perhaps 3 P1060770 crop con there’s an explanation in the Cork city map, which reads, “Cork’s Inner Orbital Route will help motorists to and from National Routes and to access parking in the city centre.” Words like “Inner Orbital Route” strike fear into the heart of any pedestrian. Fortunately there are citizens of Cork who think differently, like these guys  from Mayfield Community Arts Centre, with their project inviting people to chalk pavements outside the Crawford Art Gallery with the message “The Street is Ours Because…”   And, on the subject of Cork street art, here’s some more – 4 P1060717 crop etcfrom O’Banksy (?) to someone who’s not impressed with former PM Brian Cowen, and someone else who’s even less impressed with Irish democracy. 5 P1060714 crop size

 6 P1060756

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