Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hove Bike Lanes Again: Spurious and More Spurious

Today’s Argus reports on the proposal to remove the Grand Avenue bike lane. But this time, the rationale given by Mary Mears includes not only the line that Tories were “always against” the cycle lane, but that the removal is in response to resident’s safety concerns. x P1060140 Spurious and more spurious, given that, as the Argus reports, the number of accidents and casualties along the relevant stretch has fallen by 20%.  And increasing safety and reducing accidents is not even mentioned in the budget proposal. Again, cited in the Argus, Mary Mears says, “We want to facilitate sensible car use in the city and not try and prevent it for dogmatic ideological reasons.” As if “car use” needs any facilitation. And as for dogma and ideology, this proposal takes the biscuit. Not to mention wasting £1m of our money…

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