Thursday, 2 September 2010

Angst on the Skytrain

This is Vancouver’s Skytrain. P1040015 Skytrain Res Now that it has been expanded (the Vancouver 2010 Olympic effect), it’s a useful addition to the city’s public transit services. Riding the Skytrain to Union Station in Vancouver this July, we switched lines at the main interchange station, Waterfront, and spotted these posters, an outpouring of existential angst about consumer society - surely the work of Adbusters or someone similar? Most commuters paid them no attention, and I’m wondering if they are still there - can’t imagine they’d last too long on London Underground. P1030136 Acquire Res In case you can’t read the straplines, here they are:

Acquire: A brand new personality and join the miserables

P1030139 Consume res 

Consume: With pleasure until you are infected and rotted inside

P1030137 conform resConform: Now and freely accept a perpetual chronic disease

P1030138 Invest res

Invest: In your lonely future and suffer if it’s sold out

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