Wednesday, 29 September 2010

20’s Plenty: The Movie

One thing that would make life a whole lot better for those of us who live in urban Britain would be default 20mph speed limits. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in many parts of Northern Europe, so why is it so hard for local authorities in the UK? There’s overpowering evidence that slowing down the traffic results in fewer deaths and injuries, makes neighbourhoods more sociable, reduces pollution and congestion – and makes our towns and cities a whole lot more pleasant. images 20mph sign It can be done across whole cities without spending loads of money on elaborate new street designs – it doesn’t need much more than lines and signs. It’s hard to think of many policies that, for such a low cost, can deliver such health, social, economic and environmental benefits. In Brighton and Hove, a Scrutiny Panel recommended more 20mph zones. But the council seems reluctant to go ahead even with such a watered-down scheme. Here’s a film from 20s Plenty which shows why 20mph default speed limits can help all of us enjoy a better life. Brighton and Hove Council, please take note!

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