Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Conference on Towards Carfree Cities: York

Spent some of last week in the fine city of York, at the Conference, Towards Carfree Cities IX, an international gathering run by the Carfree movement. x P1020572 c It featured a mix of academics, activists, acolytes and aspirants (drop me an email if you’d like a copy of my presentation). There were many interesting speakers and workshops and an excellent range of activities and excursions.  x P1020569 c Which was how I found myself on one of York’s many cycle-ways, heading out of town over the Millennium Bridge. This is an elegant structure, a pleasing way to get from one side of the River Ouse to the other.  More than that, it’s not just a way of crossing the river, but the bridge is fitted with a long bench on one side - on which people can sit and sprawl, watching the bikes, pedestrians and river flow by. x P1020566 c And further along the cycleway there is an installation in the form of this and several similar signs  – handy for any passing extra-terrestrial who has mislaid their map of the universe.

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