Thursday, 17 June 2010

Things You Don’t See From A Car: Signs and the City

This isn’t about signs put there by the authorities, of which there seem to be more and more (hopefully, something that will be tackled as a result of the new Street Design Guidelines, shortly to be published by BHCC: whatever happened to de-cluttering?).   And it’s not about advertising signs. x Hove P1020006 res Rather, this concerns signs from the culture jammers: the cryptic stencils and marks which abound in urban spaces. Banksy has politicised (and commoditised) such signs, some of which have clear meanings.  Some probably mean something to a select few.  Many are just baffling.  Some you can see from a car, some are tucked away where they are visible only to pedestrians. The spooky guys shown here appeared on the doors of the brick beach huts on Hove seafront and were soon painted over. If you have any idea what they mean, do tell.
x Hove P1020001res x Hove P1020002 res

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