Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Streetcar Named Golf

I’m prepared to admit it: when it comes to cars, I’m not pure. I’m a pragmatist. There are times when only a car will get you to where you need to go, and yesterday was one of them. I needed to be in a location that was about seven miles from where I live, but that was, bizarrely, impossible to reach by public transport, and, being accessed via the A23 dual carriageway, ill-advised by bike. So I needed a car. And I don’t own one. So, two choices: one, a taxi. Very expensive for this kind of out-of-town round trip. Or two, hire a car. As I only needed it for a few hours, I got on the Streetcar website and booked a VW Golf for £5.95 an hour including petrol.


At the appointed hour, I walked for a few minutes to the car’s parking spot, and placed my Streetcard against the car’s windscreen-mounted electronics box. Doors unlocked, I logged in with my pin number, fired up the engine, and set off. At the end of the hire, I parked the car and ran the sequence in reverse. Then I walked away from the car: a free man once more!

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