Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Things You Don’t See From A Car: Sugardough, Hove

You don’t really know somewhere unless you walk it. When you drive from A to B, you pass through a succession of places without being in any of them. Walking means noticing the things around you. So in a car, you’d zoom along Hove’s Kingsway, one block up from the seafront. And you might see this.
P1010987 Sugardough c res Or that’s what I saw from the top deck of a bus. But if you were to walk along Kingsway, you’d see a mouth-watering window display of breads, cakes and pastries, all baked on the premises of Sugardough: a place which proves the rule that businesses that aren’t on the tourist track are nearly always better than those that are: these guys have to try a lot harder. P1010988 Sugardough res c1 As well as the brilliant baked goods (the hot cross buns are amazing), Sugardough also does a mean coffee (pukka expresso machine). It might not have the sea views, but it can really deliver the goods. Sugardough is open from 7.30am Monday to Friday, and from 9.00am at the weekends. Phone 727227. Map it at postcode BN3 2WB. I have no personal or financial involvement with the business or its owners, I’m just lending some support. Question: why would you go to Starbucks, Caffe Nero or any of the other chains when you could go to Sugardough? Walk this way….

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