Monday, 1 February 2010

Reclaim The Car Parks #1 Somerset House, London

Most cars are parked most of the time. Which is not just a tragic waste of resources, but also means that these cars have to be parked somewhere, too. It's worse than just spoiling the view: cars take up spaces that can be used for other things. When you live without a car, you are saying, "I don't need these spaces to be used for my car, use them for something better."

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I guess we all know what a car park looks like. Fugly, in a word. So the pictures in this series will show the other side of the story. This is the courtyard at London's Somerset House. It used to be a car park for people who worked at the Inland Revenue. Now it houses a skating rink in winter, a courtyard with fountains in the summer. And gigs all the year round. Which do you prefer?

This series will feature more stories of similar transformations. Please post any others that you have come across.

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